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Economic Considerations

Maybe we have surprised by the price of oil could continue to soar through the pouring U.S. $ 76 per barrel thus causing swelling budgets and pressing the rupiah. Therefore, the utilization of solar energy is an economical solution. If there are opinions that the utilization of solar energy requires a high cost, it is questionable opinions.

Need to be recognized that for the initial investment is quite expensive. However, in operational costs somewhat cheaper than natural gas energy utilization as well as coal. Instead we get the raw materials for free!

Our country each year menadapat solar energy of 2,500 kW per hour of his (other sources say the earth is illuminated by ceaseless energy of 17 trillion kW). Obviously this is a potential. Citing the writings of Ivan A. Hadar from Infid, solar energy can be used in solar thermal and photogalvanic. In principle, namely solar thermal mirrors reinforced sun turned into a tool that contains a liquid absorbent. Liquid is then heated and produces steam turbo-generators that generate electric power.

In California, the U.S., this tool has been able to produce 354 MW of electricity. With mass produced, the price of this solar energy units in the U.S., only about Rp 100,000 per kW per hour it. It is certainly cheaper than nuclear energy and equal to the energy from the power plant made from fossil material.

While electricity generation photogalvanic, pengunaannya using photogalvanic cells. As a result of the sun, these cells release electrons that are forced to turn to the impact of the electricity. The cells are packaged and sold in the form of modules and can be used in high voltage technology. It is for this module is quite expensive. However, future growth is expected that prices will decline. Because one of the car market is predicted electricity would be the car of the future.
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